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JUDr. Michal Malaník, Ph.D.

Your mediator and consultant

Conflict resolution

Conflict is an inherent part of everyday life. You can become a party to it very easily, and the way out is not always as easy. However, conflict does not have to mean something negative. It can lead to mutual understanding, support, and a joint effort to reach a desired goal. Successfully managing conflict is a skill that needs to be practiced. Being aware of each other, noticing and responding to relevant stimuli, while not losing yourself or the position you see yourself in.

I help people to feel more confident, to navigate difficult situations, and to handle them better. My legal education has taught me a lot. However, despite my initial expectations, it has not shown me the most effective way to resolve conflicts, because the mechanisms the law knows are too directive, and quite rigid. It took me many more years of study and practice to develop more generally applicable procedures. If you want to manage conflict in a truly playful way, let me help you.

I offer my services in Czech and English, and we can meet in person or via electronic communication remotely.

Michal Malaník


I specialize in mediating conflicts, particularly in the areas of family life, work environment, and business relationships. I believe that I can assist you in fostering any conversations you may wish to have with each other and ease your path to decision making.

Mediation is appropriate if you want to be the one making the decisions, not have someone else make the decisions for you. In case you are not so much based on formal procedural rules of conflict resolution, but want to resolve the conflict in a human and healthy way. If you are interested in everyone walking away from the situation as winners, not losers. If you want to resolve the conflict in a way other than through litigation.


We negotiate whenever our interests clash with someone else's. Whether we're considering a business deal and its terms, choosing a restaurant for a romantic dinner, a pay raise, or how long and what kind of event to let our underage child go to, if we don't understand what's really going on, we lose.

Not everyone is equipped enough to support their position without damaging the other side or their reputation. I have been practicing negotiation in theory and practice for many years, have taken a number of international training courses as well as successful negotiations with clients of all kinds, and enjoy encouraging others to get better at it.

A talent for negotiation or persuasion will only take you to a certain limit. Only those who know what to focus on, what to notice, and how to take it further will get beyond it. For those who feel they have reserves in the area of negotiation, I offer face-to-face (primarily in Brno and the surrounding area) or online meetings in which I can help you grasp the problem you are facing more firmly and support you to feel more confident in solving it.

Taking into account the fact that I carry the title 'Master of Business Etiquette', I can prepare you for negotiations from multiple angles so that you don't lose them before you even open your mouth.


As a lecturer, I am able to prepare interactive seminars and training sessions for individuals and groups on topics in legal theory, employment, family or inheritance law.

The training I offer focuses on the following topics, for example:

Legal interpretation
Legal ethics
Effective conflict resolution
Memory and legal cases
Paternity proceedings
Creation and dissolution of marriage
Proceedings for the award of an invalidity pension
Legal argumentation
Negotiation (negotiating with a client)
(Legal) Etiquette
Decision-making in law
Custody proceedings
Extraordinary appeal and its procedure
Succession titles
Formation and termination of employment


Do you feel insecure in everyday situations and want to set better personal boundaries? Are you contemplating a major life change but don't feel confident enough? Do you feel uncomfortable in conflict situations, and would like to change that? In these and other areas I can recommend personal coaching led by me. I will be your partner to help you develop your potential and better achieve your goals. Especially if you are a nice person.

Michal Malaník


To arrange an appointment or for a more detailed consultation, please use email: michmal@michmal.cz. Please briefly describe what you are struggling with and what you think I could be of help with, and leave a contact email or phone number. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I look forward to our future cooperation!

JUDr. Michal Malaník, Ph.D.
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